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Neobotix - Robotics & Automation

ROS Software Maintainer: neobotix GmbH

Neobotix is a manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems. We provide robots and manipulators for a wide range of applications.

Platforms supported

Platforms with full driver support and example navigation stack setup:

MP 400 http://www.neobotix-robots.com/mobile-robot-mp-400.html

MPO 700 http://www.neobotix-robots.com/omnidirectional-robot-mpo-700.html

MP 500 http://www.neobotix-robots.com/mobile-robot-mp-500.html

MPO 500 http://www.neobotix-robots.com/mecanum-robot-mpo-500.html

More information about these platforms can be found here.

Packages Overview

Currently all packages are designed for ROS Indigo version.

Hardware Driver

►neo_driver: This collection of packages contains hardware drivers for Neobotix robots.


►neo_control: This collection of packages contains tools for starting and controlling Neobotix robots.

►neo_navigation: This collection of packages contains launch files, costmaps and example maps to navigate Neobotix robots.

Robot Descriptions

►neo_robot_descriptions: This package contains robot description (urdf) files for Neobotix robots.

Load Handling Device

►neo_lhd_control: This repository contains a node to control the Neobotix load handling device and a test node for demonstration purposes.

Locate Station V1 & V2

►neo_locate_station: This repository contains a node for searching a Neobotix station V1 (charging station) or V2 (load handling docking station) in a laser scan and drive in front of it so it can charge or load/unload.

Installation Guides

Robots with omnidirectional drive



►MPO_500 bringup

►Navigation Setup

2. MPO_700


Robots with differential drive






Reporting a Bug

Once you found a (reproducible) bug contact us at github at neobotix.com. See this if you've also got a bug fix.

Sharing Code

The easiest way to share code with us (for example bugfixes) is to create a github account and fork our repositories. After forking our repositories and adding your changes to your forks you can send a pull request to us.

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