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Package Summary

A generic package for computing both forward and backward kinematics for arms. Developed as an alternative to pr2_arm_kinematics for people not using the PR2.


This package is intended to be a generic version of pr2_kinematics. The main purpose is to do solid arm kinematics for ANY robot.


Forward and backward kinematics for a solid arm


~get_ik (kinematics_msgs/GetPositionIK) ~get_ik_solver_info (kinematics_msgs/GetKinematicSolverInfo) ~get_fk (kinematics_msgs/GetPositionFK) ~get_fk_solver_info (kinematics_msgs/GetKinematicSolverInfo)


urdf_xml (String, default: robot_description) [robot_description] (String) root_name (String) tip_name (String) maxIterations (Integer, default: 1000) epsilon (Float, default: 1e-2)

2020-03-28 12:27