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Only released in EOL distros:  

biped_robin_apps: biped_robin_footstep_planner | biped_robin_local_planner | biped_robin_navigation | biped_robin_teleop

Package Summary

This package includes the launch files to drive the bipedRobin by hand with the keyboard or a joystick.


This package provides various nodes to teleoperate the BipedRobin robot by joystick. The use of a PS3 joystick is recommended but also other joysticks can be used after some minor adoptions.



Generates desired velocities for given joystick inputs. If one wants to use different dead man keys or other axis to control the robot this node needs to be adopted

Subscribed Topics

joy (sensor_msgs/Joy)

Published Topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)


Generates desired steps for given desired velocity. The area of allowed steps is hard coded in this node.

Subscribed Topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist) stepsLeftInBuffer (std_msgs/UInt8)

Published Topics

desiredCenterPoint (geometry_msgs/PoseStamped)

Services Called

footstep3DInc_srv (biped_robin_msgs/StepTarget3DService)


Generates desired velocities so that the robot follows a carrot (actually a frame in the tf tree).

Published Topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)


~carrot_frame_id (string, default: /carrot) ~base_frame_id (string, default: /base_footprint) ~carrot_distance_x (double, default: -0.6)

Required tf Transforms


Launch Files

There are several launch files to start up the teleoperation:

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