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Only released in EOL distros:  

Package Summary

The cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map package provides a node for processing and visualization of 3D environment data.


The node subscribes to messages of type ShapeArray, handling shapes of types polygon and cylinder. If necessary the shapes are transformed to a common target frame. Reoccuring shapes are associated and merged accordingly. For every input message the resulting aggregated geometric map is published and ready for visualization in rviz or further processing in cob_3d_visualization.


Subscribed Topics

/shape_array (cob_3d_mapping_msgs/ShapeArray) /tf (/tf)

Published Topics

/geometry_map/map_array (cob_3d_mapping_msgs/ShapeArray) /geometry_map/geometry_marker (visualization_msgs/Marker) /geometry_map/primitives (visualization_msgs/Marker)


clear_map (cob_srvs/Trigger) get_map (cob_3d_mapping_msgs/GetGeometryMap) set_map (cob_3d_mapping_msgs/SetGeometryMap) modify_map (cob_3d_mapping_msgs/ModifyMap)


~map_frame_id (string, default: "/map") ~enable_tf (bool, default: true) ~d (double, default: 0.05) ~cos_angle (double, default: 0.97)


The geometry map node can be started using the corresponding launch file:

roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map geometry_map.launch

Save map to a bag file

rosrun cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map get_geometry_map map.bag

Clear the map

rosservice call geometry_map/clear_map

Load an initial map from a bag file

roslaunch cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map set_geometry_map.launch


A sample point_map of a scene, recorded in a kitchen.


The result of using the cob_3d_mapping_geometry_map is shown below. It consists of published shapes, geometry markers and cylinder primitives.


If one intends to use the enhanced capabilities provided by interactive markers, the node is started according to cob_3d_visualization.


2020-03-28 12:31