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How to control a simulation robot with MoveIt!

Description: Gives instructions for controlling a simulation robot with MoveIt!.

Keywords: DENSO robot, WINCAPS III

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial describes how to control a simulation robot with MoveIt!.

Computer Environment Setting

For controlling a simulation robot with MoveIt!, you have to prepare a Windows computer.

Installing WINCAPS III

Install WINCAPS III in Windows computer. ORiN2 SDK, VRC, and DENSO ROBOTICS License Manager are installed with WINCAPS III simultaneously.

License registration

To control a WINCAPSIII-simulated robot, the licenses of ORiN2 SDK, VRC, and WINCAPS III are required. Please inquire the following licenses of our sales staff.



DENSO Products or higher



VRC kernel or higher



WINCAPS III product version or higher

To register ORiN2 SDK license, use CaoConfig. From the start menu, select [ORiN 2]-[CAO]-[CaoConfig].
caoconfig_en.jpg caoconfig_registration_en.jpg

To register licenses of VRC and WINCAPS III, use DENSO ROBOTICS License Manager. From the Start menu, [DENSO ROBOTICS]-[LicenseManager].
licensemanager_en.jpg licensemanager_registration_en.jpg

Configuring an IP address of Windows computer

Change the IP address of Windows computer so that it can be accessed from a ROS-used computer.

Establishing b-CAP communication environment

denso_robot_ros package uses b-CAP communication, which is ORiN communication standard, to control DENSO robots. To control a WINCAPS III-simulated robot with MoveIt!, run a b-CAP server on a Windows computer where WINCAPS III runs. The following shows how to start a b-CAP server.

Configuring a b-CAP server

To configure a b-CAP server, use bCapConfig tool. bCapConfig tool is automatically installed in the following path when ORiN2 SDK is installed.

Start bCapConfig tool and configure b-CAP server. From the menu bar, select [File], [Import], and then open "rc8_bcap_cnf.xml". Once the file opens, select [File], [Save] to save the settings.
bcapconfig_en.jpg bcapconfig_xml_en.jpg

Starting a b-CAP server

To start b-CAP server, from the Menu bar of bCapConfig, select [Action], [Service Start]. As the b-CAP server stops once the Windows computer shuts down, please restart the b-CAP server after the computer shut down.

Creating a WINCAPS III project

Create a WINCAPS III project of a controlled robot. If the denso_robot_ros package does not include an intended robot type for simulation, import the robot type according to the ROSConverter page.

Switching WINCAPS III to the simulation mode

Start WINCAPS III and then open a robot project to simulate. Once the project opens, from the Menu bar, select [Debug], [Simulation mode] to change WINCAPS III to the simulation mode.
*To close the simulation mode, MoveIt! needs to be closed as well.

Starting MoveIt!

To start MoveIt! to control the simulation robot, execute the following command. For the IP address, enter the IP address of Windows computer where WINCAPS III is running.

roslaunch denso_robot_bringup vs060_bringup.launch sim:=false ip_address:=

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