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Setting Up Dynamic Reconfigure for a Node

Description: Setting Up Dynamic Reconfigure for a Node

Keywords: dynamic_reconfigure configure cpp

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

A simple example of a dynamically reconfigurable node can be found under dynamic_reconfigure/test

Setting Up Dynamic Reconfigure for a Node

This example shows how to setup a dynamic reconfigure node to reconfigure variables in the ROS message driver_base/SensorLevels.h. Suppose you are adding the dynamic reconfigure server node to your package which we'll refer to as your_package from now on.

  1. Make your package depend on dynamic_reconfigure by adding this line to your manifest.xml,

      <depend package="dynamic_reconfigure" />
  2. or if your ROS distribution is Groovy or higher use this:

The example below will also need

  1. taken directly from forearm camera configuration. (1)

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