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Only released in EOL distros:  


ectools contains a utility for recording dropped packers over a loopback link.


Counts dropped packets over loopback link

Published Topics

ecstats (ectools/ecstats)

Command Line Usage

usage: bin/ecstats [-i <interface>] [-s <size>] [-d <delay>] [-l <preload>] [-v]
Measures Ethernet bandwidth and packet loss.  Also, counts number of EtherCAT devices.
Publishes results on 'ecstats' topic.
  -i : network interface to use when communicating with EtherCAT MCBs
  -s : <size> of packet to send.  Defaults to 1400
  -j : number of threads to run.  Defaults to 8
  -v : increase verbosity
  -h : display this help

This node generates data that is listened by the pr2_hardware_test_monitor. It is used in the WG hardware test system to monitor slip rings.

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