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Both the rostoolchain and rosplatform scripts can be used to create/save/delete your own custom toolchains and platform configurations in a user-defined library.


By default, these libraries are located at $ROS_HOME/eros/toolchains and $ROS_HOME/eros/platforms (i.e. if you are on linux, ~/.ros/eros/toolchains). However, they can be redirected when calling rostoolchain or rosplatform by using the --dir option.

They can be more permanently redirected by editing the eros configuration file ($ROS_HOME/eros/eros.cfg).


If you need to modify these, you can freely modify them by hand without disturbing anything.


Feel free to contact the developers if you wish to add your custom user-defined modules to the official eros_toolchains or eros_platforms library. The same also applies if you think any pre-defined configurations need modification.

Probably the best place to do so is via the eros issue tracker.

2020-02-22 12:41