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Package Summary

Utility for graphically building projected interfaces.


rosrun projected_interface_builder interface_builder.py -h
usage: interface_builder.py [-h] [-s] [savefile]

positional arguments:
  savefile          path to saved interface file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -s, --standalone  standalone mode (startup fake service servers)


Clicking anywhere in the main section starts drawing a polygon. Successive clicks add vertices, and a polygon can be closed by double clicking. While drawing a polygon, hovering near a point on the current polygon or any other polygon in the interface will cause the cursor to snap to that vertex.

Vertices can be modified after drawing a polygon by selecting the polygon from the list and typing in values for x and y coordinates.The polygon's name specifies text that is drawn in the interface, and the ID is a unique ID used for referring to the polygon in code.


Pressing the Send Polygons button causes the interface to make a service call to display the polygons, and also publishes a MarkerArray for visualization in rviz. An example visualization is shown below.



All units are in meters. By default, the interface displays a grid with 5cm spacing. The x and y coordinates of the cursor are displayed in meters in the status bar. When drawing a polygon, the line connecting the last vertex and the cursor displays the length of the edge.

Modifier Keys



GUI for building interfaces for use with projector_interface.

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/polygon_viz (visualization_msgs/MarkerArray)

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