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Pioneer 3D-X controlled via a visual servoing law

Description: In this tutorial we will how to control a real or a simulated (in V-REP) Pioneer robot using a visual servoing control law.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


In this tutorial we will use:

Aim of the tutorial is to control a Pioneer 3D-X using a visual servoing control law. The node visp_auto_tracker will receive the images from the camera mounted on the robot (real or simulated) and will compute the position of the target with respect to the frame camera. The position of the target is sent to the node demo_pioneer that compute using a servoing control law the new velocity to apply to the robot in order to minimized the error between the actual position and the desired position of the target. In this demo the desired position is such that the pioneer will stay at 0.4 meters from the target.


Install ROS

Follow instructions you find in http://wiki.ros.org/hydro/Installation/Ubuntu page.

Complete the tutorial page. It is mandatory to follow the tutorial number 1 "Installing and Configuring Your ROS Environment".

Now we have installed ROS and we have created our workspace.

Install ViSP

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-visp

Install demo_pioneer and vision_visp:

Install V-REP and vrep_ros_bridge

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