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Using EusLisp (roseus) to control rtmtros robots

Description: This tutorial shows how to use roseus to control robots. This tutorial is basic level so it is not specific to rtmros-common robot, it also covers PR2, Nao, HRP2 users

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Using Euslisp(roseus) to control robot behavior through perception

Euslisp Setup

Install from deb

Trouble shooting in installation (for roseus)

If you have already source of jsk-ros-pkg related packages, please remove or move these directories. For example,

rm -fr ~/ros/hydro/src/jsk-ros-pkg/jsk_roseus ~/ros/hydro/src/jsk-ros-pkg/jsk_pr2eus

Please specify your catkin workspace such as ~/ros/hydro/src including jsk_roseus and jsk_pr2eus repositories.

If you have already built these source repositories, please remove these. For example,

rm -fr ~/ros/hydro/build ~/ros/hydro/devel ~/ros/hydro/install

Trouble shooting in installation (for roseus-msgs)

If you have already roseus msg and srv files in home direcotry, please remove or move these directories. For example,

rm -fr ~/.ros/roseus/hydro

This is roseus msg and srv file directory generated on your PC. Please remove or move this.

hrpsys documentation

To learn more about hrpsys-base RTCs, please see hrpsys package and hrpsys samples.


Euslisp examples in this page require rtmros_tutorials/hrpsys_ros_bridge_tutorials package. To learn more about rtmros system, please see wiki.ros.org/rtmros_nextage/Tutorials/Programming

For example,

cd ~/ros/hydro/src
wstool set rtm-ros-robotics/rtmros_tutorials https://github.com/start-jsk/rtmros_tutorials.git --git
wstool update rtm-ros-robotics/rtmros_tutorials
cd ..
catkin_make --force-cmake --only-pkg-with-deps hrpsys_ros_bridge_tutorials

Using simulated robots from Euslisp

This example is to explain Euslisp interface for rtmros system.

Launch a simulator that "mimic"s a real robot

The window named as "hrpsys viewer" is hrpsys-simulator, which is a robot simulator based on OpenHRP3 dynamics engine.

$ rtmlaunch hrpsys_ros_bridge samplerobot.launch USE_UNSTABLE_RTC:=true

Running Euslisp process

If you run this command, you can start Euslisp interpreter process:

$ roseus `rospack find hrpsys_ros_bridge`/euslisp/samplerobot-interface.l

Create instance for Euslisp-ROS interface

Move robot joint angles on simulation

Access basic sensor values

This simulation example is Euslisp wrapper for hrpsys-base such as SampleRobot examples. start-jsk/hrpsys/samples is another examples for hrpsys-base. This examples are to use hrpsys-base python samples from roslaunch and rosrun.

See hrpsys_ros_bridge README page.

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