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Merged into ros-sig-ng-ros sig/NextGenerationROS

We're getting to many very small SIGs where more viewership and discussion will benefit any specific project.

This group has been merged into ros-sig-ng-ros Please go to https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!members/ros-sig-ng-ros to continue the discussion. This discussion should be done in conjunction with the ongoing discussions about future transports etc such that the people involved in the discussions are aware of the other relevant discussions and can listen in and provide feedback.

I have invited all members who are not already members of that group to join there. This group is now locked for further postings. Lets please continue the discussion on ros-sig-ng-ros


SIG Coordinator: William Woodall

Topics: static ROS parameters, dynamic ROS parameters, parameter server


This is a Robot Operating System (ROS) Special Interest Group (SIG) related to the redesign of the ROS parameter system. The goal of this SIG is to look at how the ROS parameter system can be redesigned to include both static and dynamic parameters as first class components of the ROS client API's and to reevaluate the current ROS parameter API.

Currently there are static ROS parameters which can be set at or before launch time of a node, but cannot be dynamically updated for a node during run time. There is a second system called dynamic_reconfigure which allows nodes to have parameters which can be configured during runtime.

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2020-04-04 13:14