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Package Summary

The skin_demo_movebase package allows users to teleop the PR2's base using the Bosch Skin.

Skin Demo Movebase

To teleop the robot touchlessly skin patches are installed on the back and sides of the robot. Then driving actions need to be mapped to the ids of skin patches (e.g. patches on the back of the robot are mapped to the action 'drive forward' and patches on the left side of the robot are mapped to the action 'drive right'). This is done by editing the yaml file and mapping the skin patch ids to the actions fw, bw, right, left, etc. See parameters below and sample yaml file.

When the software is started it publishes base_controller/command messages like the teleop joystick package. If a sensor patch is activated the robot starts to drive. The activation, i.e. how close e.g. your hand is to the sensor, determines the speed with which robot will move.



The skin_demo_movebase node listens to skin_data messages and moves the base.

Subscribed Topics

~<name>/skin_data (skin_driver/skin_meas)

Published Topics

/base_controller/command (geometry_msgs/Twist)


~mapping/fw () ~mapping/bw () ~mapping/right () ~mapping/left () ~mapping/yawright () ~mapping/yawleft () ~num_sensors ()

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