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Package Summary

ROS-Industrial support for the Staubli TX90 (and variants).

This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for Staubli TX90 manipulators. This includes the base model, as well as models with extended arm and forearm links.


  • TX90 - Standard Arm - Nominal Speed
  • TX90L - Long Arm - Nominal Speed
  • TX90XL - Extra Long Arm - Nominal Speed

Joint limits, torque limits, and maximum joint velocities are based on the information in the Staubli Robotics - TX series 90 family - Instruction Manual version D28082904C – 01/12/2014. All urdfs are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options).

Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with.

NB (1): Masses, center of mass and moments of inertia were calculated using Solidworks and the official Staubli CAD models, and may not be accurate.

NB (2): In order to allow maximum torque on axis 6, effort limit on axis 5 was set to 29 Nm, rather than a feasible 58 Nm if torque on axis 6 = 0 Nm (see superscripts (1) and (2) from table in Section 2.6.2 -Torque Limits- of the instruction manual for details).


This support package has received contributions from: Panagiotis Sotiropoulos (Ocado Technology) (TX90/TX90L/TX90XL).


This package is part of the ROS-Industrial program. See staubli for more information.


See the main staubli page.


See the Working With ROS-Industrial Robot Support Packages page.

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